The Steps to Solve the Full Internal Memory in Android and How to Clean Them

Often we found that our internal memory in our android smartphone got full. This problem will affect the performance of your android, it becomes so late to response and you cannot install new apps because the space is insufficient. Many of the Android users do not know about how to solve this problem. Something that we need to commonly know, that our internal memory is not fully stored in free space. As the example in the android device which has 16GB internal storage, only 12GB is provided to you as the user to be used freely because the rest has been occupied by operating system of your android smartphone.

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Here are Some Steps to Stabilize Your Android Signal

There are many inconveniences and complains by Android phone users, and it is especially on the signal stability. The rapid change of connection speed always happens on EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and even 4G LTE. Sometimes when you enjoy surving the internet or streaming a video in Youtube, the connection suddenly goes low and it disturbs you, when you are streaming using 4G LTE connection but suddenly the connection changes into 3G or EDGE it will decrease the level of comfortability. The cause is not only because of unequal 4G LTE signal in certain country or area you are in, but also because of the connection setting that you set on your android phone. You can set your connection setting so that it will be more stable.

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How to Secure the Game and Secret Software with the Password

If we have a computer that is often used by a lot of people is a problem in itself. Starting from the sister who often play game that you have, to friends who often open your software, it is indeed annoying and makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you have the same problem, here we give you the tips on how to provide the password on your game and your software to make sure that your game and your software are safe and cannot be opened by the other peoples.

This are the steps about ”How to Provide Passwords On your Games and your Software”.
The first thing that should be done by you is you have to install the software to make it able to provide the passwords, here we will use the WinUtilities software.

If WinUtilities is already installed, go to the following tutorial, which is how to provide passwords on games and software.

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Steps to Identify that Your Android is Hacked

Nowadays, people need to be more careful in taking care their personal data that being stored online. The security threats like data thief, spyware, malware or even wicked virus can affect your gadget and brings many harms for your data. Actually, you also have many options to secure your data, you can install antivirus on your gadget. But, it will be better for you to know the symptoms of hacking first. It will be benefitting you to know those symptoms because you can later determine what antivirus you need and which features of antivirus you need to counter those threats.

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