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Instagram stories take a new stage; The New Features Boomerang, Link and Mention!

Have you tested the new feature on Instagram? Today, Instagram has its new feature namely as Instagram Stories. This youth-oriented app is so rapid in terms of inovation. People may think that their “Instagram Stories” is their new weapon to compete with another popular socmed giant; Snapchat, but whatever is that, Instagram is still counted as a cool socmed app today.

Go back to the new features, Instagram Stories allow the users to post a short video with various kinds of tools such as caption accompanied with some cute smiley. But instagram doesn’t stop there, as their new feature has been accepted successfully by the market, the giant-tech company takes a new stage with its Instagram Stories; it attaches new features within it, they are Boomerang, Link and mention!


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Tips and Trick in Instagram That You Should Try!

Hello guys. I am sure some of you here or maybe almost have the instagram account. Yups, who do not know Instagram? Today, Instagram has become one of the most used app by all people arround the world instead of other app/socia media such as Facebook and Twitter. But maybe some of you here do not know many trick thats you can apply on your Instagram, or let’s say, you only use your Instagram as usual like everybody else. I think you need to try the tricks that I will explain to you in this article.


1. Save the photo without needs to be uploaded

Sometimes you want to edit your photo but you don’t want to upload or post it on your instagram. And when you use instagram to edit your photo and post it, you can save the photo on your SD Card. Actually you can use your instagram to edit your photo without even need to upload it. So you can edit your photo, give them some effects and save it. How to do that in instagram?

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How to Disable Video Auto Play in Facebook?

Some months ago, Facebook launches its new feature namely as “Auto Play”. It is a feature that will play the video appear on your timeline whenever you direct your mouse’s pointer into that video eventhough you don’t click “Play” plugin on that video. For some people who uses the free internet wifi, it’s not a problem, but what about for people whos surve in Facebook by using internet packet data (thethering)? It must be so destructing because it can take out some of the data we have. It is also destructing when this autoplay plays the video in wrong moment, for example in the office when we have the meeting, or in public places which need the calm condition like library? It must be so destructing.


Because some of people consider this feature is destructing, I will give you the tutorial about how to disable the auto play feature in Facebook.

1) In web browser

– Open up your browser and login into your Facebook.
– After that, please click “Settings”, it is located on the upper right corner of the main menu.
– You will see some options of settings there, find out “video” on the bottom of the settings’ page.
– After you click “Video”, you will see the thread of options, please choose “Always Shows Captions”, and click “Off”.

2) In Android device

– The first step is that go to your Facebook App.
– Please login into your Facebook account.
– After you enter the Facebook main menu, you should find the “Settings” menu which is located on the upper right corner of the screen.
– Now you can go to “Account Settings”
– Please choose “Videos and Photos”
– Find out “Auto Play”
– Please choose “Never auto play video”, this option is functioned to turn off the autoplay in Facebook app you have on your android device. Or, if you want to, you can still choose auto play to be “on”, but only in wifi connection (you also have this option in settings menu).
– In case if you want to turn it on again, simply follow the similar steps that I have explained to you, just click “on” on “Auto Play” menu.

3) In iPhone device

– Actually there is no significant difference between the Facebook app in android and Facebook app in iPhone, all features like settings etc are the same with Android phone, just follow the similar steps in android phone. Now, you can ejoy your Facebook without auto play mode.