Steps to Restore the Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Sometimes we ever do something which is out of our control, for example deleting the Whatsapp messages unintentionally. When we want to read the history of all chats, we can’t do that, because when we scroll up the screen, the old messages have disappeared and we can’t see and read it anymore. So, the question is, can we restore all deleted messages in our Whatsapp? The answer is yes, we can.

Something that we need to know that Whatsapp doesn’t keep or save our chat history because it aims to protect and respect your privacy. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t restore the old messages into your Whatsapp. Some devices like android and iPhone even have a system that can back up your chat in your whatsapp so that you can restore those old chats in easy way. But today, we will discuss about how to restore those old chats via the Whatsapp itself.


Steps to Restore the Whatsapp Messages in Android

I use android device in this tutorial, so if you have an Android smartphone, you can follow my instruction below. As I have told you, some smartphones have their own settings for backup. They usually keep those backup files in internal memory.

There are some steps to restore your Whatsap messages which you have deleted in your android device.

The first one, using Recent backup

  • Uninstall WhatsApp
  • After that, reinstall the whatsapp in your android again
  • Login as usual by using your phone number, enter the code sent by the admin and then you will be directed into your account.
  • There will be a session where you will be asked to restore your previous chats. Choose “Restore” to get all previous messages in your whatsapp.
  • Wait for some moment, the restore process is undergoing.
  • Your old chats have been restored.


This step is so easy indeed, but some notes need to be read. The first one, your phone number should be the same with the phone number that you have used to backup before, the second one, you need to know if you never backup your chat in your device, the restore process cannot restore your old messages.

Second step

Whatsapp usually does a backup for 7 days, more than 7 days, all old messages will be automatically deleted by their system.

– First, establish a backup chat for your whatsapp by going to Settings > Chats and Calls > Back up Chat, and then backup will be changed into msgstore.db.crypt8 on /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. Save this file and rename it as msgstore.db.crypt8.current to ease you in the future.

Steps to Restore

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp
  2. Choose the backup file and find out the directory on /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases
  3. Rename from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 into msgstore.db.crypt8
  4. Reinstall WhatsApp
  5. Choose Restore when you are asked.

Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection

Hello all. For those of you who use android as your smartphone operating system, if you have used Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later, after you enter your Google account, usually the smartphone will be connected automatically into your Google account. The feature that I just mention is called as FRP (Factory Reset Protection). When you reinstall or doing a factory reset, to activate your android phone again, you need your Google account email and password and if you do not do that, the smartphone cannot be used. So, the question raises, how does to open a locked android phone which is set on Factory Reset Protection? Today, we will solve this problem in my article entitled Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection.

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Using Your Android as TV Remote Control? Why Not!

The advance of technology has made the life of people around the world become easier than before. You can do something more practical by using many technology that we have on our home. Even now, the easiness to manage everything in our life has been put on our own hand, for example, now you can control your TV not only by using the TV remore control, but also through your smart phone. Yes, today you can change the channel, enhance the volume of your TV not only from your TV remote control but also from your personal smartphone. Today, we will discuss it in my article.

As we have known, in the past, we have the technology called as “Infra red” to transfer the data and it was easy to find this technology for low end cellphone (such as low end Nokia, Samsung, Sony phones). We can use our smartphone to be a TV remote control if our smartphone is equipped by infra red technology which only can be found in high-end smartphones such as Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Sony Experia Z2, HTC One Max, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3, LG Optimus L9 II, LG Pro 2, and Samsung Galaxy S4. Infrared on those high-end smartphones are not only used as Tv remote control but also as the remote control of air conditioner, sound system, DVD player and many other electronic devices at your home.

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How to Open The Locked Android with a Pattern Password when You Don’t Remember The Password?

Hello all. For you who have an android phone, it is so important to secure the data that you have on the phone. It’s not only about the security of your applications but also the security of personal data that you have on your Google Account. Therefore, android also provides us many security options such as lock screen feature.

There are many lock screen styles, there are swipe, face unlock, password. Some of us might use the pattern as the lock screen option. But how if we forget the pattern? Today, we will discuss how to fix the locked pattern screen on your android.

1) Draw it carelessly to go to menu “Forgot password”

To solve the forgot password, there are many things that you can do. For example you can draw it carelessly until 5 times then android will make you to wait about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you will be notified to do two options; “Next” and “Try Again”.

Please choose “Next” to go to menu “Fogot password”. After you tap the option “Next”, you will get 2 options again; “Answer question” and “Enter Google account detail”.

The first option, “Answer the question” is the option for the user to choose some security question from Google. In case if you give a correct answer for the question, the phone will be unlocked, but if you can’t, you still have the second option; “Enter Google account detail”.


On the menu “Enter Google account detail”, you will be notified to enter your Google account, and if you are successful to fill down all required account detail (such as password etc) you will be given the option to change your new pattern and the phone will be unlocked with that new pattern password.

2) Called by others, go to home screen and choose “Setting” menu

You also can unlock the screen which is protected by pattern password by this trick; ask your friend to call your android phone, please accept the call but don’t immediately close the call. When you accept the call, the phone is in unlock condition.

Tap “Home” menu, please choose “Settings”, and please choose “None” for the password option (it means you will have no password at all on your android screen). After that, you go back to home menu and close the call. Now, you can unlock your phone with no password and your password has been unlocked. Please re-arrange the password again after you finish the steps.


4 Things to Fix Your Troubling Touch Screen

Smartphone is something must for all people to have now. It’s sophisticated technology can ease everyone to do their daily activity smoothly. Android becomes the best smartphone today. The OS made by Google has widened its wings throughout the world. But, a sophisticated technology doesn’t mean it is flawless, sometimes you face some troubles on your handset and one of them is troubling handset. Have you ever experienced a stuck touch screen? It must be so disturbing. Today, we will discuss about 4 steps to fix the troubling touch screen.

a) Free up your RAM

A stuck touch screen can be caused by low memory especially on RAM. Many apps that you download can affect the RAM because every apps will fill the memory of your android phone. You can fix it by cleaning up the cache (you can do it by going to “Setting” menu and choose “Apps”). You can also free up your RAM by uninstalling some unused apps.


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Cleaning up Your Cache without Using Application

Having a brilliant android phone is something nice for everyone, but not all people can have that especially if we are in low budget. Sometimes we buy android phone with a low capacity because we think we can’t afford the more expensive one. As the consequence, the phone should have a limitation in performance and capacity and therefore you as the user cannot install all apps because you have limited RAM in your android phone.

One of the biggest problems for Android which have a low RAM is that you can’t install a big capacity app. But you will sometimes feel confused to not install certain apps because you think all of those apps are important for your mobility. Let’s say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, Google Drive, Google+ and many more. Because you have installed too many apps, you can’t add more apps on your android, whereas, other apps like cleaning apps are also important to make your android runs normally and smoothly. Continue with reading