The Best 5 Desktop Email Clients for Your Windows PC

It’s too hectic to open your email from your browser’s PC? Well, this is something common for all people, but it doesn’t mean it has no solution at all. Today, you can choose many email client in your PC even without opening your browser. It’s fast, cheap (because some of them are available for free) and practical. Today, I wanna share 5 Best Desktop Email Client for your Windows. I think it will be useful for you to be your best recommendation in choosing the email client for your windows PC. Those email clients can help your works everyday.


Well, when it was first released in 2004 for it’s Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla has become the big contender of Microsoft in terms of internet browser. But not only that, Mozilla also widened its popularity through Thunderbird as its best email client in Windows PC that was even successfull to compete with Microsoft Outlook. Today, Thunderbird has been so familiar for all PC users especially the Windows.
What are the best features from Thunderbird? Well, It can handle multiple email accounts, POP and IMAP, message filtering, folder organization, email labels and priorities, themes, and RSS/Atom feeds. As the additional features, it provides you a plugin system that faculitates new features to be added at your discretion. Go get it for free in your Windows PC.

eM Client

For this email client, I think the features it provides is better than Thunerbird. It can sync your account such as Gmail account, Yahoo! Account including your emails, calendar dates, contact lists, tasks, and even GTalk. You also can import your Outlook. The appearance of dashboard is so clean too.

About security, it gives you everything because it provides an encription. Additionally, it also allows the users to attach custom widgets. eM Client is available for Free, but if you want to have additional features, you can upgrade it into Pro versions. The Pro version only costs $50 and it will grant you a commercial license for commercial use besides VIP support priority. In Pro version, the users are allowed to have multiple and unlimited numbers of email accounts.

Windows Live Mail

Well, for those of you who are the users of genuine Windows PC, Windows Live Mail can be your best choice for your email client. Windows Live Mail provides you the email accounts and is very easy to set up. The facility for SkyDrive is also quite excellent! Windows Live Mail synchronizes with SkyDrive on the fly. This email client is available for Windows Vista, 7, and 8. It doesn’t suppirt eatlier version of Windows anymore like XP.

Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop is the best email client in the past, but today, the popularity has been shrinking over an over. Its superior features are that it synchronizes locally so you can read your emails while you’re offline and it gathers all of your accounts in one place, whether those accounts are for email or social networks.

It can also be used as a place to facilitate all of your communication needs. Eventhough Zimbra has so many features, it works fast and looks great. Zimbra is available for free on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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