Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection

Hello all. For those of you who use android as your smartphone operating system, if you have used Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later, after you enter your Google account, usually the smartphone will be connected automatically into your Google account. The feature that I just mention is called as FRP (Factory Reset Protection). When you reinstall or doing a factory reset, to activate your android phone again, you need your Google account email and password and if you do not do that, the smartphone cannot be used. So, the question raises, how does to open a locked android phone which is set on Factory Reset Protection? Today, we will solve this problem in my article entitled Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection.

So, here are the steps!

Usually, the unopened locked android phone which is caused by FRP is because the user doesn’t remember the password of their old Google account.

– The first method to unlock is to change your old-forgotten password. It’s simple to be solved. Just click “Forgot password” when you are required to login using your gmail account. But please bear in your mind that as the consequence of this step, you won’t be able to use the new password for 72 hours or 3 days.

– The second method is via Google account recovery tool. This option can only work if you have had a backup process when you registered yourself to Gmail in the first time including the recovery Gmail account. Click here to undergo this second method:

– as the prevention step, you can set your Google account by getting into

– Now, the next step, you need to check the recovery information. It consists of phone recovery, email recovery, and security question. It is useful for Google in order to be able to send you the token to sign in to your account if your smartphone is locked. Choose the security question as the part of the first step of unlocking.

– Just fill down the question. If your answers are correct or match to the old answer (usually when you choose to have a gmail recovery email, the security question is integrated, then you need to choose the questions including the answers) the smartphone will be unlocked but you use your gmail recovery account.

– As the suggestion, it will be better for you to choose to reset your Gmail password after those steps are done.

Well, maybe you never experience this kind of problem in your android smartphone, but who knows? Once you face the problem like FRP, those steps above can be your best way!

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