Instagram stories take a new stage; The New Features Boomerang, Link and Mention!

Have you tested the new feature on Instagram? Today, Instagram has its new feature namely as Instagram Stories. This youth-oriented app is so rapid in terms of inovation. People may think that their “Instagram Stories” is their new weapon to compete with another popular socmed giant; Snapchat, but whatever is that, Instagram is still counted as a cool socmed app today.

Go back to the new features, Instagram Stories allow the users to post a short video with various kinds of tools such as caption accompanied with some cute smiley. But instagram doesn’t stop there, as their new feature has been accepted successfully by the market, the giant-tech company takes a new stage with its Instagram Stories; it attaches new features within it, they are Boomerang, Link and mention!


a) Boomerang

Have you tried Boomerang feature in Instagram Stories? It is a mode to take some photos at once and make it to be a video with looping effect. How to make Boomerang? It’s easy, just click into the mode of making Instargam Stories and swipe it to the left to enter the boomerang feature.


b) Mention

Always make Instagram Stories with your friends and families? Well, with its new feature, Instagram Stories attach “Mention” feature to enrich your stories. Simply make your stories by uploading a video, make a caption about your stories and mention the user name of people on your instagram Stories, it must be more catchy! As usual, the user you tag on your Instagram Stories caption will have a notification on their Instagram account and they can see the Instagram Stories you make automatically! For those of your friends who have not been your follower in Instagram, this mention feature still can be seen but it will be on their Direct Message. There will be notification of DM request.


c) Link

This is still in a beta version. Link is a new feature in Instagram Stories that enable their user to add the further information of their Instagram Stories. If you are about want to see the link, you can simply click the option “See more” on the botton screen of the stories. But as the note, because Link feature is still in beta version, the instagram users who can use this new feature are only the verified-logo users. Yups, it’s unfortunate, but still cool though. Maybe for all of us who are not the verified users should wait for a longer time to taste this another new cool features in Instagram Stories.



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