Steps to Uninstall / Remove The BlueStacks App Player Completely !

Bluestacks is an emulator app to run the android-based programs. This app is easy to be used and besides, it is also free. And then, do you ever experience a difficulty when you want to uninstall or remove bluestacks? If you ever experience the difficulty in uninstalling the bluestack, here in this article, I will describe about the tutorial of the steps to unistall/remove the bluestacks without any problem, without any error, and it will be clean completely until the registry files. This step is important because if you uninstall or remove bluestacks via Windows Add or Remove Programs, it usually still remains a registry files and other junk files.

In this step, I use 3 software which are recommended:

1. Uninstaller: Uninstaller is useful to delete/remove the programs completely instead of the uninstaller owned by Windows. If you use a paid version, I suggest you to buy Revo Uninstaller Pro, and if you want to have a free version, you can choose Iobit Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller. But in this tutorial I will use Revo Uninstaller.

2. Cleaner : To clean up more, I choose CCleaner.

3. Registry Remover : Usually, eventhough you have used Ccleaner, there are still many files which are left, so I add the Registry Trash Keys Finder to have a more cleaner result.

To download those applications you can follow tthe instruction below:

1. Revo Uninstaller Pro [ Trial 30 days ]
2. CCleaner.
3. Registry Trash Keys Finder

Here are the steps to uninstall the bluestacks completely :

1. Please ensure that there is no programs/apps which are still running so that it can avoid the conflict.

2. The very first step is exit or log out from bluestacks app. Usually, it is located on system tray which can be found on the right corner of the screen. So if you have done it, now right-click on bluestacks icon –> and choose quit. If there is no bluestacks icon like the picture that I provde above, you may skip the step number 1.

3. Open Revo Uninstaller Pro and find out the bluestacks app and right-click on bluestack icon –> and choose Uninstall.

4. On uninstallation process, it usually appears a pop-up messege like the picture below, just click “Yes” and wait.

5. Wait….

6. If you found “Warning 25003” on bluestacks, that is fine and it is not an error!. Bluestacks just reminds you whether you want to keep the data and the app that you have installed within your bluestacks. If you choose to keep those installed apps, please choose “YES” and if not, choose “NO”. The time of uninstallation of data in your bluestacks will depend on how many android apps that you have installed on your bluestacks. After that please wait until the bluestacks app is deleted automatically.

7. After the bluestacks has been deleted, so the process of uninstallation will return into Revo again, at this time, you need to select Advanced –> Scan.

8. After the scanning process, you should choose “select all” and choose “delete”. Jika muncul pesan “are you sure want to delete the selected item?” You choose “yes” and then “Finish”.

9. Until to this process actually all has been done, but we want to clean up all the files completely. After that you need to open your CCleaner, and on Cleaner part, you click the “Analyze” button –> Run Cleaner.

10. Still on CCleaner, please open the tab of “Registry” and then choose “Scan for Issues” and click “Fix Selected Issues”.

11. After that pleasse open RTKF , and right-click on the screen and choose Delete All.

12. Special for Windows 64 bit, you also need to clean up the registry which is still left on Windows registry 32 bit, you should change RTKF to 32-bit mode ( click the file –> Switch to 32-bit mode ) and do the same step like on the step number 10.

13. Done! Now you may restart your PC and BlueStacks App Player has been deleted completely.

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