Using Your Android as TV Remote Control? Why Not!

The advance of technology has made the life of people around the world become easier than before. You can do something more practical by using many technology that we have on our home. Even now, the easiness to manage everything in our life has been put on our own hand, for example, now you can control your TV not only by using the TV remore control, but also through your smart phone. Yes, today you can change the channel, enhance the volume of your TV not only from your TV remote control but also from your personal smartphone. Today, we will discuss it in my article.

As we have known, in the past, we have the technology called as “Infra red” to transfer the data and it was easy to find this technology for low end cellphone (such as low end Nokia, Samsung, Sony phones). We can use our smartphone to be a TV remote control if our smartphone is equipped by infra red technology which only can be found in high-end smartphones such as Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Sony Experia Z2, HTC One Max, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3, LG Optimus L9 II, LG Pro 2, and Samsung Galaxy S4. Infrared on those high-end smartphones are not only used as Tv remote control but also as the remote control of air conditioner, sound system, DVD player and many other electronic devices at your home.


If you have smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, you can use a default application namely as WatchOn. If you have uninstalled this application from your Samsung devices, you can redownload it through Google Play Store and find out this application on search tab. For those of you who use non Samsung products but your smartphone has infra red technology, you can download it in Google Playstore namely as “IR Remote”. Here are the steps to download and use the IR Remote for your TV:

1. Open your Google Play Store application
2. Tap on search “IR Remote”.
3. After you find the application, click install.
4. Close the Google Play Store after the application has been successfuly installed.
5. Open IR Remote. Set the IR Database to determine or to choose the TV product.
6. After that, you will be directed to Home and you will see the application interface which is like a usual remote control for TV.
7. After that, you can directly use the application to be your TV remore control.



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