Tips and Trick in Instagram That You Should Try!

Hello guys. I am sure some of you here or maybe almost have the instagram account. Yups, who do not know Instagram? Today, Instagram has become one of the most used app by all people arround the world instead of other app/socia media such as Facebook and Twitter. But maybe some of you here do not know many trick thats you can apply on your Instagram, or let’s say, you only use your Instagram as usual like everybody else. I think you need to try the tricks that I will explain to you in this article.


1. Save the photo without needs to be uploaded

Sometimes you want to edit your photo but you don’t want to upload or post it on your instagram. And when you use instagram to edit your photo and post it, you can save the photo on your SD Card. Actually you can use your instagram to edit your photo without even need to upload it. So you can edit your photo, give them some effects and save it. How to do that in instagram?

First, you need to switch off your mobile data on your phone. After that, go to instagram and click the menu to upload a photo. Do a photo editing as usual and click to post the photo. Because your mobile data is off, instagram will be failed to upload and notify you “Photo wansn’t posted”. You will see the 3 spots on the right top of the screen. Click the 3 spots, you will see 2 options, “Retry now” and “Discard post”. Please choose “Discard post” then your photo will be automatically saved on your gallery on edited version.


2. Getting the notification from favourite accounts

As instagram becomes so famous, many famous peple arround the world use instagram too. You can mention people like Barack Obama, the current president of US, Rihanna, Adele and many more who are so active in instagram. Now, if you are one of the fans of the famous people who have instagram account, you can update directly their new posts by having a direct notification on your instagram. How to do that?

Open the profile of the famous person you like, take a look on 3 spots menu on the top right screen, click that 3 spots sign, choose “Turn on post notification”. Now, everytime the artists you have switched into auto notification posts something new in her/his instagram, there will be a direct notification on your instagram.


3. Cleaning up your instagram history

Sometimes, we think that we need to clean up our history in instagram. There are many reasons behind that, one of them, maybe because of privacy and data security. You actually can do that in instagram.

Here are the steps: go to your account, then click the 3 spots menu on top right screen, scroll into below page then you will find “Clear search history”, click this option and wait for a while and it’s all finished.



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