4 Things to Fix Your Troubling Touch Screen

Smartphone is something must for all people to have now. It’s sophisticated technology can ease everyone to do their daily activity smoothly. Android becomes the best smartphone today. The OS made by Google has widened its wings throughout the world. But, a sophisticated technology doesn’t mean it is flawless, sometimes you face some troubles on your handset and one of them is troubling handset. Have you ever experienced a stuck touch screen? It must be so disturbing. Today, we will discuss about 4 steps to fix the troubling touch screen.

a) Free up your RAM

A stuck touch screen can be caused by low memory especially on RAM. Many apps that you download can affect the RAM because every apps will fill the memory of your android phone. You can fix it by cleaning up the cache (you can do it by going to “Setting” menu and choose “Apps”). You can also free up your RAM by uninstalling some unused apps.


b) Restart your android phone

Restarting your android device can help you to fix all problems in your device. Switch it off and restart, after that you can switch it on again and you can test the effect. Usually, almost all smartphones which have a trouble can be fixed by restarting it.


c) Use a calibrate menu on your screen

Calibrate menu is used to adjust the size of the screen on your android device. You can enter the calibrate menu on “setting” menu. You can customize the size of the screen so that it will ease you to tap the touch screen easily. Go to “Display setting”, you will see many options there. Each android product has its own style of menu in display setting, you can further see it on your device. In almost every android device, you can see options such as “horizontal calibration” and “Gryscope calibration”. Please choose one of them to customize the calibration.


d) Change your launcher

The fun thing of having an android phone is that, it is an open source OS. So, it is the user authority to change the phone’s display. But having a great launcher can also cause a troubling touch screen. Too many memory it uses (especially on RAM) can make the operation on your phone becomes slow. If you are about to install a launcher, please adjust it with your memory capacity, especially the RAM. But further, you also need to concern on the widgets that is brought by the launcher. If necessary, you can download another launcher which is low in memory consumption.


Hopefully the tips can fix your troubling touch screen!

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