Cleaning up Your Cache without Using Application

Having a brilliant android phone is something nice for everyone, but not all people can have that especially if we are in low budget. Sometimes we buy android phone with a low capacity because we think we can’t afford the more expensive one. As the consequence, the phone should have a limitation in performance and capacity and therefore you as the user cannot install all apps because you have limited RAM in your android phone.

One of the biggest problems for Android which have a low RAM is that you can’t install a big capacity app. But you will sometimes feel confused to not install certain apps because you think all of those apps are important for your mobility. Let’s say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, Google Drive, Google+ and many more. Because you have installed too many apps, you can’t add more apps on your android, whereas, other apps like cleaning apps are also important to make your android runs normally and smoothly.

Cache is something annoying in your android phone because it takes a lot of your internal memory. It is something common to know that it is not only your apps that take your memory out but also all of those apps activity which is saved on a secondary data namely as “Cache”. If you let cache to take the memory in your phone continuously, it will make your android memory runs out and some android function will run abnormally; it can be a hang, or even a boot loop.

As I have mentioned before, sometimes we cannot install a cleaning apps because we have limited memory capacity in our android and we need something alternative to clean up the cache in our android phone.
The tutorial which I will give today is about how to clean our android cache without using cleaning apps. There are many cleaning apps in Google Store but cleaning cache manually is something useful too. The steps are also easy to follow:

  1. Go to the “Setting” menu on your android.
  2. Find out the option “Storage” and click that and you will go to storage menu. There will be a description of your android used memory; Available, Apps, and Cached data. Don’t worry if you find two memories there. The first one should be device memory and the second one is internal memory.
  3. Click on “Cached data” on each memory one by one. When you click the cached data, you will have an option via a question “Clear cached data?” and click “Ok” to clean up.
  4. If you find that certain cached data is not cleaned up completely (but rather it only decreases in some numbers) don’t worry! Because some of cached data are also important for your application in your android so that it cannot be deleted, but the most important thing is your cached data is decreasing. Other memory will have a zero cached data (usually internal memory) when you click ok.
  5. Now it’s finished. Go to your “Home” menu and you can test your android. Feels much better in performance? It means it’s working! Happy cleaning your device!


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