Steps to Know The “Unknown Device” Driver in Your Windows PC

Something common to happen when you reinstall your OS especially the Windows OS is that not all drivers are recognized by your Windows system. There is an information that appears on the screen saying “unknown device” and sometimes we are confused what happens to the driver and we don’t know how to solve the problem and we don’t know which hardware that has not been installed on our PC. Unknown Device issue is the common issue after Windows upgrade especially when you upgrade to Windows 10. It is also common in Windows 7. You can fix this issue by updating the drivers. In Device Manager, under category “Other devices”, you may see Unknown device with a black exclamation point (!) on a yellow sign. This means the device is not recognized by Windows.

Well, actually, you still have many options to solve the problem “unknown device” in Windows OS. Today, I would like to share about Steps to Know The “Unknown Device” Driver in Your Windows PC.

The steps is simple enough, but you need to do the steps carefully.

1. Open the Device Manager, the step is right click the Computer ( This PC for Windows 8.1), after that, choose/click Properties,

2. After the Device Manager window is opened, right click on that unknown device which we want to know and want to install the driver later.

3. There will be a window of properties from the unknown device,

• Choose “Detail” tab
• On “Properties”, choose “Hardware Ids”
• There will be a value from that device, beam it, and the right click and choose “Copy”

4. Open the browser of you are connected with internet and paste the value from the unknown device on search engine (Google) to search and download the driver. For Unknown device, it is impossible to get their device name directly. In this case, it is hard or impossible to find the right driver. Fortunately, every device has its own hardware id. You can use their hardware id to identify unknown device then find the right driver.

5. Or you can go to in order for the search result be more specific, because the site is specialized for providing many drivers for PC hardware/device. Or, alternatively, you can use Driver Easy to fix the Unknown device issues. Driver Easy will scan your computer and identify all problematic drivers including the unknown device driver in your computer. You can update the driver for the unknown device without any computer skills. Driver Easy has Free version and Professional version. With the Professional version, to update all drivers, all you need to do is click your mouse 2 times.

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