Tips to Optimize The Performance of Your AMD and APU

AMD is one of the Hardware tools that is so famous around the world and becomes the best competitor for Intel in terms of processor and even Nvidia for a Graphics Card competition. AMD alone has been widely used by many PC users for a gaming activity both for design and normal use, because this Hardware is so well-known with its cheap price and best performance.

AMD APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is a 6th generation processor (the most up-to-date version). This processor, according to some trusted websites, has been able to operate independently without the support from discrete graphic for a normal use, gaming, and visual. Sounds great? Yeah, that’s what my impression when I heard about the 6th generation of AMD APU.

The AMD APU performance can be optimized by some tips that I will share to you in this article. Maybe, you have understood about how to optimize the performance of AMD APU because it’s enough by using software from AMD that is Catalyst or Crimson. The performance has been optimized already.

RAM Dual Channel

RAM Dual Channel is a normal way that is usually used to optimize the performance. If you use the single RAM and there is still a slot remained, you can use that way. Upgrading the RAM is one of the way of upgrading Hardware. Then what is Dual Channel RAM? Dual Channel RAM uses 2 identic memories which are equally best on their class; speed and memory.

The system with Dual Channel RAM will get a double bandwith in comparative with single memory. Yups, by this step, you have been able to increase the performance of CPU and also GPU which have been integrated like Intel.

Just remind you about RAM. And also increase the Vram on your GPU integration.

  • RAM 2GB = 256 MB VRAM
  • RAM 4GB = 512 MB VRAM
  • RAM 8GB = 1 GB VRAM

Use the updated AMD Catalyst or Crimson

Yups, like what I have written above, AMD Catalyst or Crimson has been able to increase the performance of your PC for free and official.

On this official AMD driver, you can set the hardware power into Saving, Balanced, Max performance mode. You also can see the detailed specs about the Software and Hardware without a third party program.

Download one of those drivers here: .

AMD Crimson actually is a driver which has altered Catalyst version alone which of course is more optimal in comparative with Catalyst and with User Interface which is more modern or easier to be used with the Interface design like Windows 10. Meanwhile, Catalyst is a Driver which has been “removed” by Crimson. We don’t know whether it is still developed or not, but this Driver still has an update until 15.7 version.

Make sure that your driver is always up-to-date

The last step, I am sure that you often listen to this tips; updating Driver regularly. This step will increase the quality of performance of your driver. Like updating the Catalyst/Crimson, Processor, GPU driver will make the optimization becomes better.

Maybe, those tips above are too general. But, actually, those tips are the most effective way to optimize the performance and zero risk. You also can increase the performance by Overclock mode and of course, I will not suggest you for this tips because it will increase the temperature of your PC and you need an expert to do that..

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