Microsoft Provides 6 Variants for Windows 10

Almost during this one year, the presence of Windows 10 was always be awaited. After some try and error processes for public, the time of its launching is even getting closer.

In this mid-year, Microsoft ensures that Windows 10 can be sold. Reported by many tech magazines, Friday (15/5/2015) from Zdnet, there are 6 variants Windows 10 which can be chosen. Here is the explanation.

Windows 10

1. Windows 10 Home

This edition is made for the users who are more focus on desktop usage. There are many new features here, they are: Continuum tablet model for touchscreen PC.

Continuum is a feature which enables the Windows 10 apps to be easily moved and accessed to all kinds of devices.

Besides that, there is also a Cortana integration and standard features in Windows and others, for example Photos, Maps, Mail, Music, Video, Windows Hello, and Offices.

2. Windows 10 Mobile

This edition is established for the users who operate it for mobile device. There will be a Continuum for smartphone which enables the users who connect their work from their smartphone to PC screen and it works practically. The other standard features will be coordinated.

3. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

This operating system is especially aimed for those who own a volume license that is to buy the overall software by the minimum buying for minimally 5 products. This edition combines the most updated Windows security system with an automatic update toward the Windows 10 features below Windows Update for Business.

4. Windows 10 Pro

This edition is designed for desktop which is owned by a mobile worker or the tech lovers, the same with Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, this edition is equipped by many automatic update features.

5. Windows 10 Enterprise

This edition is the same with Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, is aimed for those who have a volume license. Those who choose this edition are equipped with the long term branch services from Windows 10. The users can choose whether they want to accept the security repair only without any automatic update features.

6. Windows 10 Education

Similar to its name, this edition is specialized for students, teachers, and other fields which need the similar functions. This edition will be integrated with the features which are suitable with academic world. The user of Windows 10 Home and Pro are ensured to be able to change the OS into this edition.

Those 6 editions of Windows 10 OS have not informed in detail yet to the users of this OS. If it is correct that it will be launched on this mid-year, so the way of how this OS works can be confirmed in 3 months later.

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