Android N Developer Preview has Arrived! Here are The Features

Android N Developer Preview has arrived! Google I/O 2016 resulted on the new version and it is Android N that you can download now by all developers around the world but it is only available for Nexus.

Android N Developer Preview has arrived! Here are the new features

In this article, we will be together to talk about the kinds of new features which is introduced by Android N Developer Preview. Of course, Android N is still on the beginning mode and it must be having many bugs. There is still a probability that Google will add another features. Just go directly to our preview!

Multiwindow – 2 apps can be displayed on single screen

If you have a smartphone from Samsung like the family of Galaxy Note or Samsung tablet, you can open 2 apps altogether. Google also does not leave and finally attach this feature in default mode for Android N. like what you see on the picture above, Android N has opened the Settings with another apps on its below position.

Besides that, the Multiwindow feature can be done in landscape screen mode.

A new notifications in Android N is similar with Samsung

Notification in Android N also has some changes. If you see on the picture above, some quick buttons such as Wifi, alarm, and others have a notification form like Samsung. But, if you draw again that notification, it will be the same with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Besides that, you also can change the icon position which exists in notification bar so that it is suitable with your preference. The last, notifications di Android N now is in form like a page, so that you can swipe the new page to access another icon.

Settings with a sidebar menu

The Settings menu until now is just changed in terms of design. In this Android N, Google adds a sidebar menu to ease people to navigate and arrange their Android.

Data Saver in Android N: makes you saver in internet quota!

In Android N, you can save your internet quota because of Data Saver. This feature works by limiting the overloaded data on background. There is no further information about this feature, but the existence of this feature will be very helpful for android users.

And then, what else?

The animation which is attached on Android N feels so fast than on previous versions. Of course, this change in Android N won’t stop only on that stage. Google ensures that they will announce the new features in the next event. Until today, we just see some features from that latest version in market.

For the complete description, you can watch the video from The Verge about Android N

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