Tricks to Make The Page in Ms. Excel is Not Cut when Printing

Hello guys. Today, I would like to share about Ms. Office tricks, and it will be specified on Ms. Excel. In this tutorial, I will share to you about how to make a page in Ms. Excel that you print become uncut when it is printed. For some people, maybe this trick is so easy, but for others, maybe it is difficult and they also have not known this before. In this tutorial, I will discuss about this trick. Let’s check it out.

As the example, let’s take a look at this excel document!

The table serves in this example if we see it from Print Preview, it will be cut like this

If that page is printed, it will be on 6 pages, whereas, it should be 3 pages. Yups, the swelling of page number happens because there is the last column (the rightest one) which is cut and is finally inserted as the additional page (new page). From this case, how is the method to control the page so that it will be completely printed without being separated?

The first step that we need to do is to open the dialogue box; Page Setup. If in the normal display of Page Layout, if it is displayed for Print Preview, there is the icon with the title Page Setup which is placed on below page. See the picture below!


What we need to do is just 2 things: first, change the margin. Configure the size of page margin in Margins tab. Make the margin into minimal size if the table is widening (0.5 for Top, Bottom, Left and Right). Second, if the setting of margin has finished, go back to the Page tab and then configure the paper size, and next, focus into the Scaling area on “Adjust to” option. Change the scale into smaller one, for example 90% and then OK. Now, try to see on Print Preview, you should check whether it is still cut or not. If the page is still cut, make it into smaller again, but you need to remember that it should not be too small, or not less than 60 or 50 percent because the result will probably be unsatisfying. Done, now you can see the result below.

All right, that’s all, now you can get the best printed Ms.Excel page. You can try it by yourself at home. Don’t forget to subscribe our blog to have more updates. See you on another topics guys, have a nice day!

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