Opera Neon – A New Browser with Anti-Monotone Features

Not long time ago, the browser app developer, Opera, announced about the release of their updated browser app which is named as Opera Neon. Getting some different features unlike other browsers today, Opera Neon is claimed able to give the sensation of internet browsing to be more enjoyable.

What kind of features it has? Here are the descriptions of browser Opera Neon.

1. Opera Neon Interface

The first thing that we can enjoy from this browser is in its interface. Following the majority of popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, Opera Neon is also designed to be cleaner and simpler. The simplicity of the interface which is offered by this browser doesn’t reduce the functionality it offers.

Generally, there are 3 main columns which can be accessed by the user. From those 3 columns, the middle column is the main column with a dominant display. Here, there have been many icons of many big websites that can be directly accessed. This kind of display is almost similar with the features offered by many mobile browsers.

But if the user wants to do a customization on those icons, you can directly do a “drag and drop” from a right side. On the right column, we have some other icons and some icons that can be customized or can be typed manually.

2. Windows tab interface

The majority of browsers today are placing the window tab list tab which is not really far from the address bar. But this problem doesn’t happen in Opera browser. Opera designs the window tab to be almost similar with the new window but it is placed into the icon on the right side.

From that icon, you also can have favicon from many sites which is placed alongside with the labels. The function of this attachment of this label is to ease the identification and the introduction of every site. But actually, the appearance which is given on the right side of the window is big enough so that it will ease the user to recognize every window of existing tabs.

If later the right column has been full, automatically Opera Neon will present a scroll bar which will ease the navigation between one icon to other icons.

3. Player feature

This is a feature that not many browsers have, is a player feature. Based on its name, this feature has a function to play the media. The media which can be played are music and video. So, the point is, every loaded file, the user shouldn’t be opened on new window tab, instead, it can directly play the music.

This kind of feature, of course will give a benefit for the user who really loves listening to the music which will be played again while browsing in the internet. But, we need to concern on it because this feature also make a possibility to have an interruption with the appearance of unwanted voice/sound.

4. Screenshot Feature

If Firefox and Chrome need a help from an extension or 3rd party apps to establish a screenshot, it doesn’t happen with Neon. For some purposes, Opera adds the Snap feature which will ease the user to make a screenshot on certain web page.

Besides it makes easier and more efficient, the screenshot feature which is attached in default mode will surely can give a better performance than additional features via extension or 3rd party apps. In certain condition, installing the extension into the browser app sometimes also makes a possibility to have a virus attack or the other unwanted programs.

To access the snap, you can get it on left column, the exact position is below of the Player icon. To see it, you can checklist the site by clicking and dragging it by using the mouse or keypad.

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