Listening to The Music in Spotify Desktop with Lyrics

Have you ever heard about Spotify? Spotify is a legal streaming music provider which has already been famous the world, and on March 2016, Spotify can be downloaded in many countries. For premium feature, you can purchase it via credit card, wire transfer or also can be doe via pulse.

After Spotify comes to many countries outside US, people can enjoy the online service for video streaming but in some countries, there is a feature that does not exist in Spotify, that is lyric feature. When I first use it, the lyric feature still exists but some weeks later, it was abolished. According to some information, the Lyric feature is not abolished permanently, Spotify is just having an improvement for their system.

Or there is another problem that is spotify vs musixmatch. From many comments that I found, it was stated that:

“I heard that Spotify ended their cooperation with Musixmatch”

Maybe this feature is abolished because there is a problem with Musixmatch, but take it easy, today, I will give you the solution about the deletion of this feature.

With the Spotify Lyrics software, you can listen to the song and lyric without even need to search it in Google, you just need to run the app first and you then just need to play the song on spotify.

This software will automatically detect the songs that you play and it will automatically display the lyric. Quite easy, isn’t it?

In this software, you can also configure everything so that the software can:

Synced Lyrics (lyric can move and following the song)
Always on Top (this Windows app is always placed on upper position)

Interested with this software??? Just go directly to download this app via the link below:

Download in here:

jika kamu mendapatkan error “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll missing”, you need to install this:

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the Spotify premium with a very cheap price in every country around the world.

For the purchase, if you haven’t had any credit card or banking account, you can use your mobile pulse to purchase the app via this link:

Premium Features

What will you get from purchasing the premium feature?

  • You can listen to the music in offline mode
  • Select the songs that you want to play
  • No adds at all on the software
  • Streaming music with high quality
  • It provides you 7 days to get the Spotify premium with a promotion price, and what are you waiting for, go get it now!

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