The Best 3 DJ App for Android [Most Recommended] 2016

Do you like mixing the music or listening to DJ music? Well, it could probably better for you to download certain app that can give you the excitement of listening to the DJ music. Today, mixing and listening to the DJ music is something easy because android phone gives you many choices via their apps. Today, I would like to share about The Best 3 DJ App for Android. Let’s take a look for them below!

1. DJ Studio 5 – [Most Recommended]

This is one of android apps that can be downloaded for free. DJ Studio 5 app brings an elegant and user friendly interface. This app is displayed in the same form like real DJ tool, almost the same!

There are many features and toold that are offered to you via DJ Studio 5. This app supports 8 sound effects such as Flanger, 3D, Brake, Gate, Reverb, FlippingDoubles, Phaser, and Bit crusher. It is also equipped with skin options that you can choose in easy way. Here are the complete features:

  • 10 samples of pads with the customization support
  • Live waveform view
  • Support for landscape and portrait mode
  • Live Record
  • Auto-mix feature

It also supports equalizer which can be customized and many more

2. Edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio

Edjing is one of the best DJ apps for Android which can be used in your android device for free. This app is designated and developed by Ed Jing, a music maestro from Japan. This app emphasizes to the user on a friendly user interface which is easy to be used and it makes this app becomes so perfect for all beginners.

Besides making possible for user to do a music customization with multy-track feature, this app also delivers the features like:
– Allow the users to access the music from SoundCloud directly
– Equipped with in-built music player
– Tools to find music in web
– It has a high quality of sound

3. DJ Mix Pads

You need an app that can mix some music to be an interesting music mix? Making your own remix music? For those activities, DJ Mix Pads can be your best choice. This app allows the users to have a huge option in processing the audio files in easy way.

You can make your own music version with this app, either as the manual composer or as the one who combines the existing music with some additional available effects. This app is completed with the in-built music recorder and sound editing device.

– A support for importing music file in SD Card
– Equipped with a in-built recorder
– Many tools for editing sound / music
– A high quality of mixer
– Available for FX sound too

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