5 Powerful Ways to Solve the Problem of Quick Drained iPhone Battery

Do you ever experienced a thing where when you look at your iPhone screen and realize that the battery remains 30 percent only when the battery power has just been charged?

If you experience that problem, the first thing you can do is to find out whether your iPhone usage is different from the previous days or not.

If so, it’s good that you do not face the same problem again. However, if you are sure that no changes of your iPhone usage, the tips below may help you to solve problem of quick drained iPhone battery.

1. Reduce Number of Widgets in Lock Screen

Through iOS.10 updates, Apple managed to polish the display of widgets on the Lock Screen so it looks more interesting and informative than the previous version. No need to open phone or app again, users can get various information, such as weather, calendar, email, and many more. Even if so, this widget needs a ‘power’ to remain always updated.

If you feel that your iPhone battery drops quickly, it’s good for you to remove widgets which are not used on the lock Screen. To access the widgets on the Lock Screen, swipe the iPhone screen to the right and do the following steps:

– Scroll down on the widgets page; tap the Edit button.
– Open the phone and you will find a menu Add Widgets.
– To remove widgets, tap the red circle on the side of the widget.
– Remove button will appear; then tap the button.
– Tap the Done button when finished.

2. Restart your iPhone

Restart the device is the most fundamental problem solving and often performed by users of Android or iPhone. Although not directly solve the problem of drained iPhone battery quickly, this way can affect for a better performance of your device.

3. Turn off the Application that operates in background

The application that operates in the background do their task as usual such as refreshing or updating although many of them are not in use.

Although the time required to wait for information in the application appear faster, in fact it is very draining your iPhone battery. To turn it off, you can do it by Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Slide the Background App Refresh button to the left.

4. Turn on Low Power Mode

From all the features which available on the iPhone, Low Power Mode is a very helpful feature. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users are aware that this feature can help battery problems.

Sure there is a power of the bank, but what if the power in the power bank is up and you do not find a socket to charge the iPhone already drop?

By turning on Low Power Mode, there is a possibility of an iPhone can last longer until you find a socket to charge your iPhone or power bank. To turn on this feature, you can go to Settings> Battery> Slide the Low Power Mode button to the right.

5. Turn the iPhone Screen Down

When your iPhone screen is lighted on, the screen will turn on whenever you get a notification. And if you receive a lot of notifications, there is a possibility that it can drain up the battery.

Flipping the iPhone screen down can save battery power because the screen will not turn on if there is notification.

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