The Steps to Solve the Full Internal Memory in Android and How to Clean Them

Often we found that our internal memory in our android smartphone got full. This problem will affect the performance of your android, it becomes so late to response and you cannot install new apps because the space is insufficient. Many of the Android users do not know about how to solve this problem. Something that we need to commonly know, that our internal memory is not fully stored in free space. As the example in the android device which has 16GB internal storage, only 12GB is provided to you as the user to be used freely because the rest has been occupied by operating system of your android smartphone.

Therefore, in this tutorial I would like to share to you about how to solve a full internal memory on your android device. Here are the steps.

1. Cleaning up the app history and app cache

Something that you need to know, the internal memory of your android can be full due to the over-crowd installed app. Not just that, the internal memory can also be full because each app produces history and cache files. When you don’t clean them, it will fill all the internal memory so that the space will be insufficient. As the result, you cannot download the new app because the space is not enough in your internal memory. You can clean up all history and cache of the apps by using a cleaning apps like clean master.

2. Clean Cache

But if you do not want to use cleaner app to clean all of those cache, you can clean it manually. The steps are so simple, you just need to go to Settings > Storage & USB > Cache Data.

After you come to that page, just clean those history and cache at once by going to Settings > Apps > choose the app that you want to clean the cache > Clear cache.

3. Moving up the personal data from internal memory to SD card

It is highly recommended to move all of your personal files/data to SD card such as photos and videos that you have. If you still save them in internal memory, those files will make your internal memory full and it will slow down the performance of your smartphone. It is different if you save all of those files in SD card because even though your smartphone memory has been full, it doesn’t affect the performance of your smartphone at all. It is better to regularly move those kinds of files into your SD card.

So, that’s all the tutorial, hopefully it will help you. Have a nice day.

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