Steps to Identify that Your Android is Hacked

Nowadays, people need to be more careful in taking care their personal data that being stored online. The security threats like data thief, spyware, malware or even wicked virus can affect your gadget and brings many harms for your data. Actually, you also have many options to secure your data, you can install antivirus on your gadget. But, it will be better for you to know the symptoms of hacking first. It will be benefitting you to know those symptoms because you can later determine what antivirus you need and which features of antivirus you need to counter those threats.

At least there are five symptoms of hacking. You can easily identify it by yourself without even to have a specific knowledge about system information and everything related to information kwnoledge. Here are the four symptoms of gadget being hacked:

1. The Pop-up appears continuously on the screen

If you find some pop-ups advertisement on your screen when you open certain apps (especially the free ones), that is something usual, because as we know, to earn more money, the small developers who develop the free apps should have many capitals to develop more their games/apps. But what about if the pop-app advertisements appear on the screen continuously even when we do nothing on our android? It should be suspected. It can be true that your andorid has been infected by the virus which puts the pop-ups.

2. Your Data Packet is wasteful

In case if you find your data packet is so wasteful while you do nothing on your gadget and some apps are not switched on, you should be careful that your android has been hacked by malware or virus.

3. Check out your apps list to know the suspected apps

You can check whether your android has been hacked or infected by viruses or not by checing it directly on list of apps on your android gadget. How to do that? Simple. You can go to Settings > Apps > All. In this menu, you will see many apps that you install on your android. Carefully check the installed apps, you should be careful for some apps that exist on your android but you never feel that you ever install the apps before. Some of android phones indeed put some default apps on their products but some of them not. If you suspect some apps that is indicated as spyware, malware or else, you can uninstall that app.

4. Unwanted notification on your notification bar

If you find a notification on your notification bar that offers you some apps and ads, you should be careful that some of your apps have installed a virus or malware or adware that can affect your android phone. You can uninstall some of your apps that you suspect to bring some harmful files on your android. Install the similar apps that do not contain any virus on Google Play Store.

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