How to Secure the Game and Secret Software with the Password

If we have a computer that is often used by a lot of people is a problem in itself. Starting from the sister who often play game that you have, to friends who often open your software, it is indeed annoying and makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you have the same problem, here we give you the tips on how to provide the password on your game and your software to make sure that your game and your software are safe and cannot be opened by the other peoples.

This are the steps about ”How to Provide Passwords On your Games and your Software”.
The first thing that should be done by you is you have to install the software to make it able to provide the passwords, here we will use the WinUtilities software.

If WinUtilities is already installed, go to the following tutorial, which is how to provide passwords on games and software.

• Open the WinUtilities software.

• You can enter to Privacy & Security menu – EXE Protector.

• Then you have to select Next.

The next, there is two choices, you can select Protect my executable file with a password to provide the password to protect your software. While Remove the password from my file that protected to remove the passwords from the EXE.

• After that, you can choose Browse button and select a game or software you want you give the password before you open those game or software. If it is already done, you can select Open and then Next.

• The next you will faced on the page for providing a password. This password is the one that later on will used by you to access your games or your software that you protect. If it is already done, then you can select Next.

• Then on the page below you can review again about the game or the software that already protected with the password. Other than it you can also see the password that you use to protect the games or the software.

If already up here, it means that your game or your software already successful protected with the password.

• To try it, you can directly open the games or the software that had been protected with the password. If there are forms that require you to enter a password, means that giving a password to the game and software is already successfully.

Good luck!

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