Steps to Restore the Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Sometimes we ever do something which is out of our control, for example deleting the Whatsapp messages unintentionally. When we want to read the history of all chats, we can’t do that, because when we scroll up the screen, the old messages have disappeared and we can’t see and read it anymore. So, the question is, can we restore all deleted messages in our Whatsapp? The answer is yes, we can.

Something that we need to know that Whatsapp doesn’t keep or save our chat history because it aims to protect and respect your privacy. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t restore the old messages into your Whatsapp. Some devices like android and iPhone even have a system that can back up your chat in your whatsapp so that you can restore those old chats in easy way. But today, we will discuss about how to restore those old chats via the Whatsapp itself.


Steps to Restore the Whatsapp Messages in Android

I use android device in this tutorial, so if you have an Android smartphone, you can follow my instruction below. As I have told you, some smartphones have their own settings for backup. They usually keep those backup files in internal memory.

There are some steps to restore your Whatsap messages which you have deleted in your android device.

The first one, using Recent backup

  • Uninstall WhatsApp
  • After that, reinstall the whatsapp in your android again
  • Login as usual by using your phone number, enter the code sent by the admin and then you will be directed into your account.
  • There will be a session where you will be asked to restore your previous chats. Choose “Restore” to get all previous messages in your whatsapp.
  • Wait for some moment, the restore process is undergoing.
  • Your old chats have been restored.


This step is so easy indeed, but some notes need to be read. The first one, your phone number should be the same with the phone number that you have used to backup before, the second one, you need to know if you never backup your chat in your device, the restore process cannot restore your old messages.

Second step

Whatsapp usually does a backup for 7 days, more than 7 days, all old messages will be automatically deleted by their system.

– First, establish a backup chat for your whatsapp by going to Settings > Chats and Calls > Back up Chat, and then backup will be changed into msgstore.db.crypt8 on /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. Save this file and rename it as msgstore.db.crypt8.current to ease you in the future.

Steps to Restore

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp
  2. Choose the backup file and find out the directory on /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases
  3. Rename from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 into msgstore.db.crypt8
  4. Reinstall WhatsApp
  5. Choose Restore when you are asked.

Strengthen Your Flashdisk Security by Imunizer App

The developer of internet security, Bitdefender, really understands about the dangers that spread in virtual world. One of the vicious attacker in internet is virus. The development of virus today is even more worrying since they don’t only attack through online media such as internet and some software, but also through offline media such as flashdisk. It is commonly known that flashdisk may also carries the viruses that will attack the PC. The technology in flashdisk like autorun also allows the virus to spread directly and automatically once the flashdisk is plugged into the PC or computer. Seeing that scary problem, Bitdefender develops the flashdisk security application namely as Imunizer.


What is Imunizer? Imunizer is Bitdefender’s response to this growing issue of malware and viruses. This tool disables autorun-related threats before they access the computer. Once installed, it constantly watches for newly inserted USB storage devices and immunizes them on the fly. If you accidentally plug in an infected USB drive that has not been immunized, the computer will not auto-execute the piece of malware located on the USB storage device. The USB immunizer has been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Farsi, German, French and Romanian. The Computer Immunization setting disables the Registry entry related to Autorun, so as no removable storage device (except for CD & DVD ROM media) to be able to automatically execute a file upon mounting. It also immunizes each system partition with a specially-crafted autorun.inf file. if you have the USB Immunizer running, you may tick the Automatically immunize USB drives box in the Options tab and every non-immunized USB drive plugged into the computer while BitDefender USB Immunizer is running will be automatically immunized.

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The Best 5 Desktop Email Clients for Your Windows PC

It’s too hectic to open your email from your browser’s PC? Well, this is something common for all people, but it doesn’t mean it has no solution at all. Today, you can choose many email client in your PC even without opening your browser. It’s fast, cheap (because some of them are available for free) and practical. Today, I wanna share 5 Best Desktop Email Client for your Windows. I think it will be useful for you to be your best recommendation in choosing the email client for your windows PC. Those email clients can help your works everyday.

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Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection

Hello all. For those of you who use android as your smartphone operating system, if you have used Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later, after you enter your Google account, usually the smartphone will be connected automatically into your Google account. The feature that I just mention is called as FRP (Factory Reset Protection). When you reinstall or doing a factory reset, to activate your android phone again, you need your Google account email and password and if you do not do that, the smartphone cannot be used. So, the question raises, how does to open a locked android phone which is set on Factory Reset Protection? Today, we will solve this problem in my article entitled Steps to Open The Locked Android Phone Because of Factory Reset Protection.

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Instagram stories take a new stage; The New Features Boomerang, Link and Mention!

Have you tested the new feature on Instagram? Today, Instagram has its new feature namely as Instagram Stories. This youth-oriented app is so rapid in terms of inovation. People may think that their “Instagram Stories” is their new weapon to compete with another popular socmed giant; Snapchat, but whatever is that, Instagram is still counted as a cool socmed app today.

Go back to the new features, Instagram Stories allow the users to post a short video with various kinds of tools such as caption accompanied with some cute smiley. But instagram doesn’t stop there, as their new feature has been accepted successfully by the market, the giant-tech company takes a new stage with its Instagram Stories; it attaches new features within it, they are Boomerang, Link and mention!


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The Best 3 Emails App for Your Mac (Client)!

Having mac on your bag is so special. It’s so good to have to help you to arrange everything related to your daily activities such as making a work schedule, editing documents, surving in virtual world to download something and many more. One if the daily routines that almost we do on our mac is that sending the email. Actually, there are many interesting email apps for your mac, but of course you need to be selective to choose them. Recently, I download certain email app for my mac in App Store and its quality is so dissapointing, and based on my experience, there are some email apps in App Store which can offer you a better or even the best email service. Therefore, in this article, I would like to share some of my best email apps on my mac. It can be used by everyone as a reference when they want to download and install the email apps on their beloved mac! Let’s check the best 3 emails app for your mac below:

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Steps to Uninstall / Remove The BlueStacks App Player Completely !

Bluestacks is an emulator app to run the android-based programs. This app is easy to be used and besides, it is also free. And then, do you ever experience a difficulty when you want to uninstall or remove bluestacks? If you ever experience the difficulty in uninstalling the bluestack, here in this article, I will describe about the tutorial of the steps to unistall/remove the bluestacks without any problem, without any error, and it will be clean completely until the registry files. This step is important because if you uninstall or remove bluestacks via Windows Add or Remove Programs, it usually still remains a registry files and other junk files.

In this step, I use 3 software which are recommended:

1. Uninstaller: Uninstaller is useful to delete/remove the programs completely instead of the uninstaller owned by Windows. If you use a paid version, I suggest you to buy Revo Uninstaller Pro, and if you want to have a free version, you can choose Iobit Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller. But in this tutorial I will use Revo Uninstaller.

2. Cleaner : To clean up more, I choose CCleaner.

3. Registry Remover : Usually, eventhough you have used Ccleaner, there are still many files which are left, so I add the Registry Trash Keys Finder to have a more cleaner result.

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Using Your Android as TV Remote Control? Why Not!

The advance of technology has made the life of people around the world become easier than before. You can do something more practical by using many technology that we have on our home. Even now, the easiness to manage everything in our life has been put on our own hand, for example, now you can control your TV not only by using the TV remore control, but also through your smart phone. Yes, today you can change the channel, enhance the volume of your TV not only from your TV remote control but also from your personal smartphone. Today, we will discuss it in my article.

As we have known, in the past, we have the technology called as “Infra red” to transfer the data and it was easy to find this technology for low end cellphone (such as low end Nokia, Samsung, Sony phones). We can use our smartphone to be a TV remote control if our smartphone is equipped by infra red technology which only can be found in high-end smartphones such as Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Sony Experia Z2, HTC One Max, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3, LG Optimus L9 II, LG Pro 2, and Samsung Galaxy S4. Infrared on those high-end smartphones are not only used as Tv remote control but also as the remote control of air conditioner, sound system, DVD player and many other electronic devices at your home.

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Tips and Trick in Instagram That You Should Try!

Hello guys. I am sure some of you here or maybe almost have the instagram account. Yups, who do not know Instagram? Today, Instagram has become one of the most used app by all people arround the world instead of other app/socia media such as Facebook and Twitter. But maybe some of you here do not know many trick thats you can apply on your Instagram, or let’s say, you only use your Instagram as usual like everybody else. I think you need to try the tricks that I will explain to you in this article.


1. Save the photo without needs to be uploaded

Sometimes you want to edit your photo but you don’t want to upload or post it on your instagram. And when you use instagram to edit your photo and post it, you can save the photo on your SD Card. Actually you can use your instagram to edit your photo without even need to upload it. So you can edit your photo, give them some effects and save it. How to do that in instagram?

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